Smart Data Value

Analyse and correct Smart Meter profile values in SAP EDM at any time according to your own selection
of profiles, checks, and correction procedures.

Solution Description

Identify SAP EDM Smart Meter data quality issues graphically using SAP Fiori and correct issues using automated replacement values procedures.
The target industries are utilities.

Main functionalities:
• Reporting on the quality of load profiles stored in your SAP EDM
• Rapid identification of cases to be analysed and corrected
• Case exploration, filtering, drill-down
• Triggering of automated correction

Development Guidelines:
• Fit-to-standard solution for SAP EDM
• Using the power of S/4 Embedded Analytics
• Cloud-ready extension for S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition
• Clean-core implementation based on ABAP Cloud development model
• Plug-and-play deployment and no-impact decommissioning
• SAP BTP services integration capabilities

Customer Benefits

Find out more about all the benefits of the solution below :

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Increase Revenue : Bill Customers More Quickly and More Reliably

Find data quality problems in Smart Meter profile values in SAP EDM early, ahead of the billing run, to ensure that the billing of customer energy consumption is not delayed, and revenue is collected on-time.

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Reduce Costs : Improve the Quality of Energy Consumption Forecasts

Fix quality issues in Smart Meter profile data regularly to ensure that energy consumption forecasts prepared on the basis of this data are as accurate as possible to reduce the amount of balancing energy that must be purchased.


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Avoid Legal Penalties Arising from Sending Low Quality Load Profile Data

Intercompany data exchange processes, for example from the DSO to suppliers or to authorities, typically have strict data quality requirements. By maintaining a high quality of Smart Meter profile data, the risk of
legal penalties arising from the sending of low quality data is mitigated.

Maintain Your Reputation for Quality

Analyse and correct Smart Meter profile data to maintain a high overall data quality and avoid complaints from customers, authorities, partners, or suppliers which can have a negative impact on your reputation.

Put SAP EDM at the heart of your Smart Meter rollout

Smart Meter rollouts increase the amount of data to collect, process, and store by orders of magnitude. Smart Data Value adds essential functionality to SAP EDM which turns it into a fully featured Energy Data Repository at the heart of your Smart Meter infrastructure.


What are the features of the solution? :

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  • Understand and Drill-down into Smart Meter Load Profile Data Quality Using
    Interactive Graphics
    : The app uses the latest Fiori technology to aggregate analysis data quality information and visualise these as interactive charts which can be used to drill down into the data to find problem areas. The drill down can go right down to the profile value level and issues overlayed directly onto the load profile.
  • Flexible selection in Smart Meter data quality report : Users can report on Smart Meter data quality using a variety of selection criteria, such as customer segment, geographical location, period, and specific data quality issues. This helps users focus on identifying and resolving the highest priority issues first.
  • Automated Correction of Problems Found During Analysis : For each type of problem found during the analysis, select an automated replacement value procedure (RVP) to run to fix the issue. SAP Standard RVPs are available out of the box, for example, to interpolate profile values, and new procedures can easily be added to meet customer-specific needs.